NYR IndyApp explanation

NYR IndyApp Concept: Decentralise to Organise

So, what is the NYR IndyApp?

The NYR IndyApp is a non-party political communications platform for the entire Yes movement, where ideas, events, campaign strategies and resources are all easily co-ordinated and shared across participating groups and the wider movement. The IndyApp also provides a simple way for the public to locate and contact Indy groups directly, and by making it simple to get involved locally, more Yessers can easily join the Independence movement, helping the existing groups grow, new groups form and dormant groups reform.

By the grassroots, for the grassroots

Creating the IndyApp networking platform has been a long term process of discussion and negotiation between the NYR and many, many active grassroots Yes Groups in communities all around Scotland. From those discussions the concept has developed into a completely decentralised model, where each autonomous group, as part of the wider network, takes control of their own campaigning priorities and are responsible for their own important part in forming and maintaining a truly collective, national grassroots campaigning organisation.


In a truly decentralised network there is NO politically appointed HQ guiding and controlling from the centre, instead each participating group publishes their own information, responds to their own enquires from the public, lists their own events and decide for themselves what Independence campaigning messages are best suited to winning a Yes vote in their own communities. This, existing decentralised group structure is the Yes movements greatest strength and something that the IndyApp platform was specifically designed to enhance and magnify. By allowing close cooperation and direct communication between each group the IndyApp platform makes the collective group network capable of avoiding all the centralised YesHQ failures and logistical bottlenecks that were so damaging to Yes campaigning during IndyRef1.

Campaigning Advantages

All those logistical and organisational problems encountered in 2014 are actually inherent to any centralised campaign model when fighting a social campaign as massive and non-party political as our Independence referendum was and will be again, especially campaigning dependent on mass participation of ‘normal Yessers’ who are usually inexperienced, non-party activists drawn from the general public.

Local grassroots organisation of the non-party political ‘normal  Yesser’ is another great advantage of the decentralised IndyApp when preparing the movement for actual ‘face to face’ IndyRef2 campaigning. The platform has the capability to register, and then locally mobilise, all those hundreds of thousands of Yes supporters willing to get stuck in for independence, but only motivated to action once IndyRef2 and social campaigning for Yes is well under way!

Responsibility to deliver

The practical advantages of decentralisation to the Yes movement for grassroots IndyRef2 campaigning are massive and obvious. BUT, for a well organised decentralised campaigning model to succeed, and deliver all those advantages, it depends entirely on the collective will of the participating groups who make up that organisation. Each individual group MUST be prepared to step up, take responsibility for their own local part of the overall national campaigning organisation and have the self-discipline to take working together as an organisation very seriously.

It is this shared self-discipline and responsibility to each other that the IndyApp has been designed to harness. Through use of simple networking functions, shared by each participating group a collectively run, national organisation becomes possible. In fact, it is the process of networking by using the platform that the groups naturally begin to create a communications based, collective organisation.

Collective Will

The NYR IndyApp is a platform where the unmediated will of every autonomous group in the movement can come together, take control of their own collective agendas and build the kind of national campaigning organisation that best suits Scotland’s grassroots Yes movement.

The decentralised IndyApp platform is there, the decentralised autonomous groups are there and the Yes movement is there just waiting for a legitimate grassroots organisation to take a lead. So, the only question left unanswered is whither a strong enough collective will within the autonomous groups is there? – Thw will to step up and take collective responsibility for creating and maintaining that decentralised campaigning organisation built to win IndyRef2 for Scotland?

Building that decentralised organisation

The first practical step in the journey to building that decentralised, truly national, grassroots organisation, is for your group (and every group) to send two people to the NYR training Weekend in Perth. Over that weekend every group attendee will be learn the networking functions of the IndyApp platform and once trained, begin setting up the required support structures needed across the movement to make further self-organisation and training of the participating group memberships possible.

Calling all groups!

The training weekend is being heavily subsidised to keep costs for everyone attending down to a minimum. Further information on the weekend can be found here. You can book your training place and accommodation here.

Book as soon as you can to make the training weekend possible!

In order to help pay for the training weekend in Perth and the follow up national training programme we have planned for the groups in the run up to Christmas, we are now crowdfunding here. Please Donate whatever you can to our crowdfund and book your places for training in Perth as soon as you can. This is extremely important as we MUST know full booking numbers by September 1st. This is the last date final numbers can be fixed (or the event cancelled) before incurring extreme financial penalties from the booking contract with the venue.

IndyRef2 is coming! Are you prepared?

Train together, network together, organise together, WIN together!